Workshop Program

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Activity #0: Project launch: Team meetings with project leaders

Activity #1 The great online migration: Successes in teaching and in building community - Bridget James & Shannon Othus-Gault

Session 1 - January 21 OR January 22

Participants shared their successes in teaching virtually as well as strategies they used to build and maintain a learning community in their remote courses. They explored a model for how social, cognitive, and teaching presence can work together to build a community in synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid courses, using examples from their courses.

Activity #2 Developing your personal leadership approach - Pamela Eddy

Session 2 – February 4 OR February 5

This session reviewed Bolman and Deal's (2013) frames and pointed out the value of each approach. Using a critical incident activity, participants reflected on prior examples of leadership and reflected on strengths observed. They discussed the ways the various frames emerge in work situations and reflected on how to use one's own frame preference when working with individuals.

Activity #3 Strengthen your program using course-level data - Eric Baer

Session 3 – February 18 OR February 19

In this session, participants learned more about how to use course-level data to look at students' participation, success, and progression in the program as well as the potential impacts of COVID on their ability to gather and interpret that data.

Activity #4 Leveraging work in your institution - Eric Baer & Heather Macdonald

Session 4 – March 4 OR March 5

Participants used this session to connect their planned activities to institutional priorities and develop a compelling case for partners and participants in order to engage the right stakeholders.

Activity #5 Strategies for inclusive teaching and inclusive courses - Kristie Bradford & Deron Carter

Session 5 – March 18 OR March 19

Participants explored evidence-based strategies for making courses more inclusive and looked at ways to structure course materials to promote success for all students.

Activity #6 Amplifying change on campus - Pamela Eddy

Session 6 – April 1 OR April 2

Change occurs more readily when many individuals are involved. Thus, a significant aspect of leading change is bringing others along, particularly those who may resist change efforts. This session reviewed how to communicate change ideas with others, get buy-in to change efforts, and employ strategies for amplifying others' voices.

Activity #7 Charting a course to support student transfer (and careers!) - Andrea Bair & Becca Walker

Session 7 – April 15 OR April 16

Participants reflected on professional skills identified by employers as important for students to gain as part of their college education and developed a plan adopting/adapting a strategy for supporting students' professional pathway through advocacy and self-advocacy.

Activity #8 Honing your leadership skills: Scenarios and reflection - Adrianne Leinbach & Sean Tvelia

Session 8 – April 29 OR April 30

Using scenarios and small group discussions, participants evaluated the ways in which programmatic and systemic change might be perceived, explored how their leadership frame influences their approach to making change, and learned how to adapt their style and strategies to better implement the change they want to see.

Team consultations with Peer Leaders

Individual team meetings with project leaders