Workshop Overview

Over the year of their involvement in the project, the SAGE 2YC Cohort 3 Change Agents will work on strengthening their teaching and their program or department, and will engage other two-year college STEM educators on their campus. The Spring 2020 Virtual Workshop is the first of the activities to support their work and includes a series of virtual synchronous meetings and asynchronous work that focuses on aspects of the following topics: supporting the success of all students, broadening participation, and promoting students' professional pathways (careers and transfer) within STEM.

Spring Workshop Goals

  • Meet the people involved in this project and begin building the project community
  • Learn more about the three major strands of the project:
    • supporting the academic success of all students
    • broadening participation within STEM
    • facilitating students' professional pathways within STEM
  • Share your work and learn more about the work of other Change Agents and teams
  • Learn about leadership and strategies for engaging your partners
  • Considering all project strands, generate, review, and implement individual and team action plans
  • Develop strategies for working as a team on this project


Each hour-long virtual meeting will take place four times - on Thursdays and Fridays.

Change Agents are assigned to one of the four groups. While it is expected that you will attend your session for each meeting, if unusual circumstances prevent you from attending that session, you would attend another session or watch the recorded session. Everyone will also participate in asynchronous work before and after each meeting.

Synchronous meetings will be

  • Thursday January 23 or Friday, January 24
  • Thursday January 30 or Friday, January 31
  • Thursday February 13 or Friday, February 14
  • Choice of one of the following
    • Thursday February 27 or Friday, February 28
    • Thursday March 5 or Friday, March 6
  • Thursday March 19 or Friday, March 20
  • Thursday April 9 or Friday, April 10
  • Thursday April 29 or Friday, April 30
  • Individual team meeting with project leaders in April or May
  • Webinar on course-level outcomes measures - tbd

Connection Information

We will use Zoom for the synchronous meetings. You can find all the connection information inside the private workspace for the workshop.


Change Agents are expected to:

  • Attend your session of each meeting. If unusual circumstances prevent you from attending that session, you would attend another session or watch the recorded session.
  • Complete the asynchronous work by the due date which will be before the associated synchronous meeting.