Water Resources Management

Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College

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I. Potentiometric Data Collection

This project is a Water Resources Technology field work at the Suwannee River Water Management District monitoring stations in the Ichetucknee basin in North Florida.


  1. To train and prepare students for water resources monitoring careers for the Ichetucknee basin in North Central Florida.
  2. Designed to bring educators and professionals (Engineers) together.

Need and Effectiveness

  1. Lack of trained and qualified water resources technicians in North Florida.
  2. Importance of water resources in Florida's economy.
  3. Challenges facing Florida's Water Resources Management Districts in monitoring water resources with lengthy drought seasons and increasing pollution.


  1. Bringing professionals and educators to work together in a project.
  2. Finding financial and human resources motivated and trained well enough and available to support the project.
  3. Incorporating the project within a general education geoscience course of the college curriculum.
  4. Finding students interested in geoscience enough to make the project feasible

II. Septic Tank Installation (Soil and Environmental Science)

This is another project in association with the Columbia County Health department.


Teach students career skill in septic tank installation, monitoring, and remediation.


This project faces the same challenges as the water resources project.