Monica Bruckner

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

Carleton College

I am part of the SERC webteam and work as a web content developer and evaluation associate. This involves working with SERC collaborators and contributors to build and support web pages and modules, supporting webinars and workshops - both virtual and face-to-face, and working with the SERC evaluation team to evaluate workshops, events, materials, and projects hosted by SERC and its collaborators.

I earned a MS in Earth Science from Montana State University, Bozeman, and a BA in Geology from Augustana College. My Master's thesis and senior thesis focused on glacial geology; the former involving hydrology and biogeochemistry of meltwater in a proglacial environment in the Yukon and the latter, glacial movement dynamics at the Matanuska Glacier, AK.  I have had experience with teaching 4th grade students in Big Sky, MT, as a fellow in the NSF GK-12 program during grad school. I also had experience with developing teaching materials as part of an internship with the Rock Island Soil and Water Conservation District during my undergraduate work at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL.   

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Teaching Computation with MATLAB: MATLAB Workshop November 2022
November 2022
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October 2022
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June 2022

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