Engaging Students in Quantitative Reasoning through the Use of Large, Publicly Available Data Sets: Project EDDIE Modules

Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm
Poster Session Part of Friday Poster Session


Ellen Iverson, Carleton College
Monica Bruckner, Carleton College
Rebekka Darner, Illinois State University
Tom Meixner, The University of Arizona
Kristin O'Connell, Carleton College
Catherine O'Reilly, Illinois State University
Cailin Huyck Orr, Carleton College
Dax Soule, CUNY City College

Project EDDIE (Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry and Exploration) aims to strengthen undergraduate students' quantitative reasoning and inquiry through utilizing large, authentic, publicly-available datasets in a scaffolded A-B-C structure, wherein students move from a prescriptive inquiry to guided inquiry to open inquiry all within one module. Modules range in length from one class period to one week and include all materials needed to complete the activities within the module. They span disciplines such as geology, hydrology, limnology, and environmental sciences.

A set of more than 25 faculty-authored modules have been developed using the projects tested materials design and have undergone a review process and classroom testing. All curricular materials are constructed to be flexible in how they are used and are anchored with an overarching relevant scientific question situated in an authentic context. Designed to help students explore and embrace the unexpected, modules promote discussion and create a classroom in which students are actively engaging in scientific practices and are driven by curiosity and exploration; activities are the on-ramp in engaging students to go further in their increasingly independent exploration and inquiry.

To support wider use, modules have an accompanying "My EDDIE Experience" web page that documents how the module was implemented in the classroom, providing users with ideas for how modules can be adapted to fit their needs. In addition, a series of recorded and publicly available Meet the Author and webinar events showcase how modules have been used in the classroom. Supplemental materials developed through the project, which can be used in conjunction with the modules, include a video collection with software, statistical, and pedagogical tutorials as well as a collection of statistical vignettes that teach statistical concepts through engaging storylines.

Check out the modules on the Project EDDIE website and learn more about the EDDIE Way.