January 2022 Module Development & Community Building Experience

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  • Curriculum Development Workshop, Thursday, January 20 to Saturday, January 22, 2022, at Carleton College, Northfield, MN
  • Virtual Peer Review of EDDIE Teaching Modules, Wednesday, Feb 9, 2-4 CT
  • Share Out & Dissemination Planning, Monday, February 28, 10-12 CT

About this experience

Participants will build a community as they create an EDDIE teaching module featuring inquiry and quantitative reasoning. During the workshop you will construct a module that uses an openly available dataset for an ecology, limnology, geology, hydrology, or environmental science course. Each module will focus on specific scientific concepts and address a set of quantitative reasoning or analytical skills using large datasets that are available online. A virtual peer review and module share out and dissemination planning meeting will help you improve your module before piloting and identify linkages in themes, skills, habits, and target audiences to build interest for your module. Participants will include instructors from different disciplines and institution types and will be selected through an application process. Participants will be expected to develop their module during the workshop, attend a virtual peer review and module share out and dissemination planning session. Participants are expected to complete a module, teach it, and incorporate revisions from the peer review and an external review. Final modules will be published by December 2022. Participants and will be provided a $1500 stipend for completing their work.

Workshop Overview

Apply by November 1st

Workshop Facilitators & Technical Support

  • Catherine O'Reilly, Illinois State University
  • Dax Soule, Queen's College - CUNY
  • Thomas Meixner, University of Arizona
  • Sarah Fortner, SERC at Carleton College
  • Monica Bruckner, SERC at Carleton College
  • Andrew Haveles, University of Wisconsin- River Falls


If you have questions about this workshop, please contact Sarah Fortner (sfortner at Carleton dot edu) or Monica Bruckner (mbruckne at Carleton dot edu).

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