Virtual Workshop: Teaching Computational Skills and Problem-Solving with MATLAB and Simulink

Engineering and Science Educators Teaching with MATLAB or Simulink (Asia-Pacific)

December 9-11, 2021, 8:30AM-1:30PM IST | Online

Note: this workshop has already taken place. Workshop presentations and summaries of discussions are available on the program page; participants' individual and group pages are available via the participant workspace.

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This 3-day workshop will bring together Asia-Pacific engineering and science educators teaching computational skills or problem-solving who are interested in strengthening their courses, teaching materials, and student engagement with programming and quantitative problem solving.

Working with faculty peers and MATLAB experts, workshop participants will develop MATLAB and Simulink related curriculum while sharing strategies, tools, and challenges teaching computational courses virtually and in-person. Topics may include:

  • Strategies for flipping classrooms and videoing lectures
  • Automated grading of coding assignments with MATLAB Grader
  • Centralized, browser-based MATLAB Online software for teaching and learning
  • And more

Session formats will include presentations of teaching activities, panel discussions led by peer leaders, and working groups within and across disciplines. Educators will return to their in-person and virtual classrooms, departments, and institutions armed with new curriculum they developed during the workshop, new skills, and ideas to implement in courses going forward.

As preparation for the workshop, all participants will develop a new teaching activity that they will contribute to the public, citable MATLAB collection of online teaching activities.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion following the workshop.

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