Teaching Computation with MATLAB

Content on these pages is derived from participant presentations, discussions, and breakout groups at the Teaching Computation with MATLAB workshops.

Computation is the use of computers to perform calculations, model data, make predictions, and test hypotheses. Computational skills are necessary to employ quantitative methods in complex scientific contexts and with large data sets. With today's unprecedented data availability there are numerous new science and engineering opportunities if one has the necessary computational skills. Developing these skills requires students to be comfortable with languages and tools such as MATLAB that enable them to express and explore solutions to scientific problems.

In order to provide students with the computational skills they need to be successful, the teaching of computation must change to reflect the changing landscape of computation. Teaching Computation in the Sciences Using MATLAB provides resources to help educators incorporate computation into their classrooms and engage with a community of educators interested in improving the teaching of these important skills.

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Approaches to Teaching Computation with MATLAB

MATLAB is useful tool for teaching computation because it allows for robust data analysis, data visualization and exploration, modeling, and working with real data sets. If the use of MATLAB is scaffolded in a course or curriculum, it is a tool that can help students develop computational skills and build self-efficacy. When combined with collaborative learning techniques and effective assessments, MATLAB can be an effective and powerful tool for teaching computation.

Teaching Materials

Discover activities, essays, and course descriptions submitted by educators who teach with MATLAB. Use the search bar or explore the individual collections below.

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MATLAB based activities, laboratory exercises, projects, and other assignments.

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Educator perspectives on how teaching with MATLAB can enhance learning.

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Course descriptions and syllabi for STEM courses on (or that integrate) MATLAB.

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