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Teaching Geochemistry 2010

In Association with the Goldschmidt 2010 Conference

The workshop will be held prior to the 20th Annual Goldschmidt Conference

MEETING ROOM: 400A at the UT Conference Center. This is not the Convention Center, but the building is connected by a covered walkway.

Venue: University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville, TN

Dates: Teaching Workshop June 11-13 (pre Goldschmidt Conference)

Goldschmidt Conference, June 13-18

Workshop Overview

This workshop will bring together leaders in undergraduate geochemistry(geochemistry is broadly defined to include low- and high-temperature geochemistry, stable and radioisotope geochemistry, organic and biogeochemistry, cosmochemistry and related fields such as mineralogy, petrology, crystallography, analytical science, material science, experimental approaches, computational and analogue modeling...) and geoscience education to:

Workshop Format

Workshop activities will include:


Participants are expected to:

Registration and Logistics



The operational costs of the workshop and workshop materials are covered by a grant from the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

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