Incorporating Data, Inquiry, and Exploration into the Classroom with Project EDDIE

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Monica Bruckner, Carleton College
Cailin Huyck Orr, Carleton College
Sarah Fortner, Carleton College
Kristin O'Connell, Carleton College

Project EDDIE (Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry and Exploration) endeavors to engage students in inquiry and exploration using large, publicly-available data sets by providing a large collection of project-developed teaching materials as well as a professional development program that includes workshops, webinars, and other community-building experiences.

Teaching materials include modules, statistical vignettes, and a set of video tutorials that feature software and statistical concept refreshers. The growing collection of more than 30 project-developed teaching modules are aimed at high school and undergraduate level students and span topics such as ecology, limnology, geoscience, hydrology, and environmental sciences. They can be coupled with project-developed, ready-to-use Statistical Vignettes to bring context to common quantitative skills. The classroom-ready modules include an instructor PowerPoint, instructor guide, student handout, and data set, and follow an A-B-C structure wherein students build toward increasing inquiry and independent exploration through a scaffolded approach. Modules developed through the project's professional development workshops have undergone a review process and have been tested in the classroom. Modules also have an accompanying "My EDDIE Experience" web page that documents how the module was implemented in the classroom, providing users with ideas for how modules can be adapted to fit their needs.

Project EDDIE professional development programming includes webinars, meet-the-author events, a Faculty Mentoring Network, and workshops. These events provide professional development opportunities for those who participate. By design they incorporate strategies that build a community of educators that teach with data, inquiry, and exploration in their classroom. A Leadership Workshop in Fall 2022 will also aim to build leadership among Project EDDIE participants so the community can further the project's programming into the future.

We invite you to check out the teaching materials and to take part in the community professional development events:

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