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National Geoscience Faculty Teaching Practices Survey

Call for Geoscience Faculty Teaching Practices Survey Research Group Participants

Applications Due June 26

We seek five new members to join a research team engaged in understanding teaching practices in the geosciences, spanning a broad range of interests.

The National Geoscience Faculty Teaching Practices Survey has collected data through four distributions (in 2004, 2009, 2012, and 2016) on teaching in undergraduate geoscience courses, how faculty learn about pedagogy and content, and how faculty participate in the geoscience education community. There is now a rich longitudinal dataset that can be analyzed to address questions of interest to geoscience educators and the larger STEM education community, including both teaching practice and faculty learning. The 2016 survey was designed by a research team involving leadership from NAGT along with three NSF-funded professional development projects (On the Cutting Edge, InTeGrate, and SAGE 2YC). The 2016 survey and past surveys are available on the On the Cutting Edge: Evaluation page. Data derived from the first three distributions of the Geoscience Faculty Teaching Practices Survey were reported in Macdonald et al. (2005) and Manduca et al. (2017)

New team members will participate in the analyses and developing a writing plan that will result in a set of 5-10 papers. The plan will define areas of responsibility for each member. Members will receive an $8000 stipend for their work to execute the plan. Payment will be made in two installments, the first made on completion of significant data analysis, and the second on acceptance of a manuscript for review by a publisher. We anticipate that members will complete data analysis in 2017 and manuscript submission in 2018.

Team members will meet at the Earth Educators' Rendezvous to develop the analysis and writing plan. In addition, the research team will have two, self-determined face-to-face meetings to move their work forward. The team also meets regularly by conference call. New team members are expected to participate fully in these activities. A statistical research group will support the research team's analyses. A professional development program will increase the capacity of the research team to make use of the data set.

Who is Eligible?

A goal of this project is to increase the capacity for geoscience education research. Thus, this call is open to any faculty member, post-doc, or other individual interested in pursuing this line of work into the future. Faculty are not required to bring extensive prior experience but must demonstrate that they are prepared to move in this direction and have time to commit to the project. Other individuals must make a case for how they can contribute to geoscience education research in the future.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

To apply, please fill out the Application Form before June 26, 2017. A team composed of members of the research team and the NAGT GER division will review the applications and select new participants to compose a productive team.

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