STEM Futures

The Future Substance of STEM Education

Defining the Future of STEM

The events of the past few months have demonstrated that we live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Navigating this complex landscape, whether it be climate change, or the current COVID19 crisis, will require significant knowledge of science, technology and mathematics.

It is also clear that in the face of unprecedented challenges - and opportunities - traditional silos between scientific knowledge, essential skills, and human values are dissolving. Learning to succeed in this world will require new kinds of learning and new forms of knowledge. Our students will need to go beyond mere knowledge of STEM disciplines. They will need creativity and ingenuity and the ability to work collaboratively. And they will need to understand the broader social and the ethical context within which we live and work.

Our standard curriculum in STEM often pays lip service to these broader issues. The innovation we are advancing is that future STEM programs must embrace the challenge of fostering what we are calling "humanistic knowledge" and "meta knowledge" alongside traditional "foundational knowledge".

The goal of this project is to provide participants with opportunities to design the future substance of STEM education that will prepare a diverse STEM workforce to meet future challenges.

In this workshop, we will engage in designing solutions, designing programs, and designing powerful learning experiences. Through this process we will create exemplars for how these ideas can become reality in STEM education for the future.

Who Should Apply

This event series is for innovative faculty, researchers, and administrators in higher education who are interested in shaping the future of STEM education. This includes faculty in STEM disciplines as well as those in other fields (such as Science & Technology Studies or Humanities) with an interest in STEM education.

While not required, pre-existing teams are encouraged to apply to attend together. Read more here about the goals for the workshop and selection criteria.

An Interactive Design Experience

Accepted participants will attend an online speaker and conversation series in advance of the week-long hands-on workshop. At the workshop, teams will collaborate to translate the knowledge framework explored in the keynotes into degree, certificate, and other types of programs which advance the future of STEM education. Below is a tentative schedule of events.

DateEventWhat to Expect
September 15, 2020Perspectives on Humanistic KnowledgeDiscussions and Q&A
September 17, 2020Perspectives on Meta KnowledgeDiscussions and Q&A
September 23, 2020Perspectives on Foundational KnowledgeDiscussions and Q&A
September 24, 2020Workshop Day 0Reflective discussion and team design work
October 5-9, 2020Design Workshop (5 Days)Hands-on design work, full cohort presentations, team collaboration

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