Workshop Outcomes

The following collections of materials were submitted by faculty participants at the 2013 workshop, Geoscience and the 21st Century Workforce. See the workshop synthesis to learn more about the workshop.

Program Descriptions
Participants were asked to describe a degree program or concentration, with particular focus on how the program prepares students for the workforce.

Participant Essays
Participants described how their program prepares students for the workforce, areas in which alumni are employed, and the knowledge and skills that have been most important in supporting success.

Employer Representative Profiles
Some workshop participants were employer representatives and were gracious enough to share their thoughts with us about the current state and future outlook of geoscience workforce in their industries.

Selected References
References compiled by workshop leaders and participants.

Follow-on Products

These pages are built around concepts that were generated in breakout groups at the workshop, and include pedagogic guidance as well as teaching materials drawn from InTeGrate and other educational projects at SERC.

Overview of the Workforce:

Learning Outcomes and Competencies:

Competencies and Learning Outcomes