Initial Publication Date: June 24, 2013

Employer Representative Profiles

A number of employer representatives are taking part in the workshop in one or more capacities and these folks have been gracious enough to share their thoughts with us about the current state and future outlook of geoscience workforce in their industries.

Employer and Employee Perspectives from the Building Strong Geoscience Departments project


Each of the individuals listed below is involved, to some degree, in hiring and/or training employees at their place of employment. We asked them to tell us what they look for in entry-level hiring decisions, and in particular what makes some candidates stand out from the competition.
  • Mike Loudin, Manager for Global Geoscience Hiring and Development, ExxonMobil
  • Jane Willard, President and Principal Geologist, EnPro Assessment (an environmental consulting firm)
  • Rich Patelke, Project Geologist, PolyMet Mining NorthMet Project
  • Ken Bradbury, Hydrogeologist, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
  • Joe Kopera, Contractor and Consultant, Office of the Massachusetts State Geologist


Each of the individuals listed below has a degree in geoscience. We asked them to tell us how well their education prepared them for their current positions.
  • Jon O., Investment Banker for a leading global investment bank on Wall Street
  • Karla Hunt, Field Geologist, Resources International, Ltd.
  • Joe McCarthy, Intern, Washington State Governor's Office of Executive Policy
  • Amy Semratedu, Technical Services Representative, BASF, The Chemical Company