Thalia Anagnos, Department of General Engineering, San Jose State University

Activity: Using Real World Data to Study Soil Foundation Structure Interaction
Essay: Integrating Engineering and Geoscience Through Technical Writing

Solomon Billign, Department of Physics, North Carolina A&T State University

Steven Burian, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah

Course: Hydrotopia: Water Resources Management in the West
Essay: Techniques to Teach Sustainability in Multi-Disciplinary Classrooms Comprised of Engineers, Geoscientists, and other Disciplines

Diane Doser, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso

Course: Geology for Engineers/Engineering Geology
Essay: The Challenge and Reward of Teaching Geological Engineering on the Border

Cathryn Manduca, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Paul Santi, Department of Geology and Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Course: Geological Engineering Site Investigation
Essay: It's a leucocratic gneiss. So what?

John Taber, Education and Public Outreach, IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology)

Workshop Participants

The following people have been accepted to the workshop

Kevin Amende , Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Montana State University-Bozeman

Activity: How to Create a Well Log for Use in Geothermal Bore Field Design
Essay: Integration of Geoscience into Geothermal Bore Field Design

Joel Aquino, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, University of North Georgia (formerly Gainesville State College)

Activity: Simulating Mineral Industry Drilling and Processing Lab
Essay: Integrating Engineering Concepts to Introductory Geoscience Courses

Eric Baer, Geology, Highline Community College

Activity: Examining your Earthquake Hazard

Brenda Bowen , Geology and Geophysics & Global Change and Sustainability Center, University of Utah

Course: Global Changes and Sustainability
Essay: Finding Interdisciplinary Common Ground for Sustainability

Freddi-Jo Bruschke, Geological Sciences, California State University-Fullerton

Activity: Runoff Generation from Varying Land Surfaces
Course: Geology for Engineers
Essay: Navigating an Ersatz Dichotomy (Science vs Engineering)

Vince Cronin , Geology, Baylor University

Activity: Physical Model of the Failure of an Unreinforced Structure During an Earthquake
Essay: A Few Thoughts on the Integration of Engineering and Geoscience

Mookesh Dhanasar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina A & T State University

Activity: Numerical Algebraic Modeling of Earth's Atmosphere using MSExcel
Essay: STEM Education for the 21st Century

John Duggan, Civil Engineering and Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Activity: Evaluating Reuse Opportunities for Recovered Building Materials
Essay: The Built Environment: A Common Ground for Geoscience and Engineering

Horacio Ferriz, Physics and Geology, California State University-Stanislaus

Course: Applied Geology
Essay: Common Ground Between Applied Geology and Engineering

Tej Gautam, Department of Petroleum Engineering and Geology, Marietta College

Activity: Finding Soil Material for a Construction Project
Essay: Integrating Engineering and Geoscience in a Classroom

Laurel Goodell , Geosciences, Princeton University

Activity: Using GPS Data to Analyze Crustal Strain -or- Where is the Boundary between the Pacific and North American Plates?
Essay: Reinventing the Introductory Geology Course for Engineering and Other Quantitatively-able Students

Mary Beth Gray, Geology, Bucknell University

Course: Geology for Engineers
Essay: Teaching at the Intersection of Geoscience and Engineering

Don Hellstern , Geotechnology Institute, Brookhaven College

Course: Elementary Geophysics
Essay: Academic and Industry Collaborative Approach to Integration of Engineering with Geoscience

Manoj Jha, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, North Carolina A & T State University

Activity: Data analyses for Water Resources Design Parameter
Course: Water Resources Engineering Design (CIEN 560)
Essay: Integrating Geoscience into Water Resources Engineering

Francis Jones, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia

Activity: Learning to Integrate Geophysics into Engineering Projects using a Comprehensive Set of Interactive, Online, Scenario-based Resources
Essay: Active Learning Strategies for Enhancing the Integration of Geoscience and Engineering

Mark Koopman , Metallurgy, University of Utah

Activity: Air and Water Quality Optimization Related to Open Pit Mining
Essay: Materials and the Environment

Gretchen Miller, Civil Engineering, Texas A & M University

Course: Groundwater Engineering
Essay: Uncertainty and Risk: Bringing the Geosciences into the Civil Engineering Classroom

Robert Mitchell , Geology, Western Washington University

Course: Engineering Geology
Essay: Teaching Engineering Geology in a Geoscience Department

Kyle Monahan, Institute for a Sustainable Environment, Clarkson University

Activity: Assessing Water Resource Demand in New York City
Essay: Embracing the "Mess" in Environmental Systems

Daniel Morgan, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Activity: Mohr Circles
Course: Structural Geology
Essay: Teaching from Multiple Perspectives

Gigi Richard , Physical and Environmental Sciences, Colorado Mesa University

Course: Basic Hydrology
Essay: Incorporating engineering-based problem solving into water and environmental geology classes

Anne Ronan, Civil and Urban Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York University

Course: Water Resources Engineering
Essay: Engineering Hydrology with a Real-World Perspective

James Stone , Civil and Environmental Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Course: Life Cycle Assessment Modeling
Essay: Teaching Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Modeling through Project Based Learning

Susa Stonedahl, Engineering and Physics, St. Ambrose University

Activity: Hyporheic Board Game
Essay: Incorporating Environmental Issues Across the Curriculum

LeAnne Teruya , Geology, San Jose State University

Activity: Think Like a Geologist Field Trip to Downtown San Jose
Essay: Finding a Global View at the Intersection of Geology and Engineering