Initial Publication Date: October 23, 2013

Workshop Outcomes

The following collections of materials were submitted by faculty participants at the 2013 workshop, Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences. The collections illustrate approaches for teaching sustainability in the context of different disciplines, course types and institutions. See the workshop synthesis to learn more about the workshop.

Engineering and Geoscience Courses
Courses for both upper level and introductory level that address various ways to integrate geoscience and engineering.

Engineering and Geoscience Activities
These activities use a wide array of pedagogic approaches to address topics including water, natural hazards, energy, technology, and the local environment.

Engineering and Geoscience Essays
Participants shared their approaches to integrating engineering and geoscience, why they think this approach is valuable in preparing students for the workforce, and their ideas for building upon this base to strengthen the integration of geoscience and engineering.


Follow-on Products

These pages are built around concepts that were generated in breakout groups at the workshop, and include pedagogic guidance as well as teaching materials drawn from InTeGrate and other educational projects at SERC.

Find more materials and strategies for teaching about geoscience and societal issues drawn from across the InTeGrate project.