CO Earth Sciences Career Planning Exercise

Dawn Cummings, Community College of Denver
Maggie Richards, Front Range Community College
Jessica Foulis, Colorado Mountain College
Shannon Roybal, Community College of Denver


Students use College in Colorado ( website to investigate careers within environmental science and geography, and investigate their own skill set and interests.

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Learning Goals

Content Goals

learn about types of jobs available and get realistic view of career options, salaries, skills and training needed, within environmental science/geography.

Higher-Order Thinking Goals

students must apply content knowledge to real world career possibilities

Skills Goals

research skills, computer use skills, and potentially presentation skills.

Context for Use


intended for Introduction to Environmental Science or Geography course for freshmen/sophomore level science and non-science majors, could easily be adapted to any content and any school level

Necessary Skills and Concepts

basic reading and math skills and course content

How Situated in the Course

done at end of semester to investigate careers in content area and see how they might fit into one of those careers

Description and Teaching Materials

multiple assignments available

CO career planning exercise (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 17kB Nov15 15)
Document Your skills (Acrobat (PDF) 44kB Nov15 15)

Teaching Notes and Tips

Assignments can done as homework or adapted to in class presentations.

Documents (worksheets) can be adapted to fit into any course.


completion of worksheet and/or presentation

References and Resources