FAMU Cuba Study Abroad Program

Kwasi Densu
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
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Initial Publication Date: May 24, 2017


Study Abroad Program Afro Cuban and Sustainability. The FAMU Study Abroad: Cuba Program (FSACP) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary project between the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and the Sustainability Institute. As the United States and Cuba have moved closer to the normalization of diplomatic relations Cuban history, culture and society have reemerged center stage within academic institutions across the United States. FSACP seeks to expose students to a critical understanding of the historical development and complexities of contemporary Cuban life through the experiences of Afro---Cuban communities and sustainability.

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Learning Goals

Study abroad experiences focuses on the intersections between, race, the environment, political economy and sustainable development. The program will explore eight specific subject areas (1) Cuban History (2) Cuban Political Economy (3) the Cuban Healthcare System (4) the Cuban Environment and Food System (5) Cuban Art and Humanities (6) Afro Cuban History, Culture and Social Movements (7) Cuban International Relations and (8) Energy and the Cuban Built Environment.

Context for Use

Interdisciplinary, alternative Spring Break study abroad program to Cuba. Extension of a course on Afro Cuba and Sustainability given in the Fall semester. Students come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds.

Description and Teaching Materials

FAMU Cuba Study Abroad Overview (Acrobat (PDF) 42.4MB May9 17)

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