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in order to achieve the goals of the workshop of (1) discussing the roles of sustainability and the NGSS in your science teaching, and (2) developing action plans for your own setting, we are asking all participants to submit a one- to two-page essay that provides some background and context for your work. These essays will be read by fellow workshop participants prior to the workshop and they will also become part of the public website. Please keep in mind that they will become publicly available as part of our effort to document how our community is responding to changes in the system.

Keeping the goals and audience in mind, please address the following in your essay:

  • Describe the context of teaching about the Earth and sustainability in your school and/or district. "Context" should be interpreted broadly, and may include the grade levels and courses in which Earth science and/or sustainability are taught (or not), who is involved in teaching these courses, the proportion of students who encounter Earth science and sustainability in their courses, any collaborations with outside organizations, among other things that are relevant in your particular setting.
  • Describe how the teaching you described is evolving or has evolved with implementation of the NGSS.
  • Describe the perceived challenges and opportunities you (both personally and as a school or district) face with that implementation.

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