How We REALLY LEARN GEOSCIENCE The Micro-Spiral Method (MSM)

Dr. Edith Davis, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Teaching and learning are the crux of every nation on earth. The issue is how can we teach science and particular Geo-sciences to the future scientists especially Geo-scientist and Geo-science educators. What is the best method that will result in accelerated learning?

The answer is the Micro-Spiral Methodology, a spiral way of learning. Each iteration of this method adds another level of depth and understanding of knowledge and skills. The concepts are encoded on both the right and left sides of the brain and stored in long-term memory with a pneumonic retrieval mechanism. The scientific test results had an entire year's curricula which include Geo-science compressed into three months and micro-spiraled. African American state science test scores which included Geo-science went up by 45 percent. Hispanic scores went up close to 30%, economically disadvantaged scores went up by 32% and Anglos scores went up by 28%. The Micro-Spiral Methodology works in delivering Geo-science concepts, knowledge and skills.

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