Strategies for Community Development

Clifton Brown,
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University


Course is designed to familiarize students with community and neighborhood development, structure and organization of resources and services that can be used in disaster preparation and reconstruction.

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Course Format:
Small-group seminar

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Course Context:

It serves as a required course for the environmental sociology minor though students from varied disciplines are attending to understand participative research.

Course Content:

Students practice participative research to develop community social behavior for disaster preparation and assistance after the event.

Course Goals:

Students learn to be the representative of those community groups who are least likely to be represented in the determination of resources to be allocated after ad disaster

Course Features:

The capstone project is student involvement in community activities.

Course Philosophy:

The course was designed for students to facilitate community understanding and empowerment to those marginalized groups within the community.


Assessment occurs through examinations and community participation.


Community Development (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 41kB Oct12 17)

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References and Notes:

Introduction to Action research, Participant Action Research and the Handbook of Community Practice.