Environmetal Hydrogeology

Tej Gautam, ,
Marietta College


This is a lecture course with a lab component. It is an interdisciplinary in nature and involves field visits and report writing.

Course Size:

Course Format:
Lecture and lab

Institution Type:
Private four-year institution, primarily undergraduate

Course Context:

This is upper level undergraduate course as an elective for geology, environmental, petroleum engineering majors/minors. All students are science majors.

Course Content:

It integrates hydrogeology, geology, water chemistry with common environmental and engineering issues.
Students learn research methods by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data.

Course Goals:

Students will develop quantitative skills and learn methods computing groundwater flow, perform
hydrogeologic investigation, and be able to understand and use the techniques that are used to
solve some real world problems related to groundwater occurrence, flow, and contamination issues.



Environmetnal Hydrogeology (Acrobat (PDF) 59kB Apr11 14)

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