Initial Publication Date: May 25, 2017

Mustapha Kane, Florida Gateway College

From your experience, what practices make for excellent online Earth Science learning?

By Introducing the at-your-own-pace online format, and no weekly deadline assignments; by using interactive technological tools that reduce the student dependency on the instructor and put the student on the driver's seat.

How do you utilize technological tools (Google Earth, topical databases, blogging, etc.) in your online courses?

In an interactive way by using Geods, Smart Figures, Give-It-some-thoughts, Video Field Trips, Video Tutor, Plug and Chug, Google Earth, etc... and many other interactive practice items that help the student study interactively and at his/her own pace without much teacher's intervention, only when needed.

How do you manage student engagement and assessment in your online courses?

Regular feedbacks e-mails to students; by posting topic for discussion on the discussion board to prevent procrastination.