Implementation Whole Group Discussion

Moving forward to implementation - what will be the challenges? how can they be mitigated? group discussion notes will be recorded here.


  • What resources/publications are there to help us address EJ with administrations? what is the underpinning research?
  • Community partner fatigue?
    • set expectations
    • small, tangible projects/outcomes
    • have students gains skills needed before engaging them with partners, scaffold the experience
  • Finding balance between disciplinary information/skills and EJ
    • pose questions within EJ framework
      • ex: model phytoplankton in a lake that receives wastewater treatment
    • curriculum mapping - distribute the load
    • invite people to come in and talk to your students about related EJ issues
  • Political & cultural & faculty-student, student-student, sensitivity when exposing students to new world views
    • answers acceptable if they are evidence-based
    • taking care of our students
    • hope is important
    • highlighting role models

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