Essential Elements Discussion

What are the core concepts, habits, and skills we hope will be integrated into geoscience and where do you integrate them?

Essential Elements (core concepts, habits, and skills):


  • importance and nature of EJ
  • role of geoscience in solutions
  • respectful engagement with community
  • two-way authentic communication, community dialog
  • collaboration (with community and across disciplines)
  • appreciating the cost to society of EJ issues
  • how scientific approach can show unequivocaly the injustice issues
  • learning the language of EJ
  • questioning and structured decision making
  • understanding the role of your culture in framing your stratgy
  • highlighting disparities
  • co-design of research
  • consensus building, discussion, listening
  • finding solutions to problems that others bring to us in addition to us finding solutions from our persespective
  • the relationship of geologic processes to both problems and solutions
  • ability to explain and communicate geoscience in plain english
  • role of geoscientist is to empower community to solve its own problems
  • recognizing the geoscience in someones plain english description of the problem
  • deeper understanding of the underpinning science
  • an understanding of the perspectives on the nature of justice and injustice
  • the relationship between the geoscience to other influences on the solution (values, relationship to context)
  • what is fact and what is interpretation and the importance of both things