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These teaching activities were submitted by workshop participants.


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Tsunami of the North Atlantic Ocean
Susan Riggins, California State University-Chico
In this assignment students plot the tectonic setting, major cities, and economic centers of the Atlantic Ocean. They consider tsunami triggers and whether they are relevant. Students are presented with three ...

Hurricane Risk and Resilience for Staten Island, NY
Alan Benimoff, CUNY City College
Students will analyze the hurricane hazard and associated risk for Staten island.

Coastal Resiliency Project: Screening and Scoping Exercise
caitlyn nichols, CUNY College of Staten Island
In this exercise, students will learn about the environmental review process and identify environmental impacts of a local coastal resiliency project (i.e. ecological, physical/chemical, sociological, economic, and ...

Beyond Tutoring: Interactive Service Learning in GIS/Technology Education for K-16 Students
Jenise Young, Texas Southern University
The primary purpose of this lab was to create a model for meaningful service learning partnerships between higher education institutions and K-12 schools. Among the goals was to quantify the "learning" ...

Environmental Risk
Nancy Fields, El Centro College
In this lab, students differentiate between perceived risk and actual risk, identify factors that influence perceived risk, and conduct a public survey of environmental issues. They analyze their survey data and ...

Who's Coming to Dinner?
Carrie Nelms, University of Arkansas Main Campus
Use a metaphor of planning and executing a dinner party to illustrate what happens when a coastal hazard displaces people to a new area. Divide class into two groups; host and displaced. Then role play example of ...

Coasts and Coastal Systems
Marilyn Montgomery, University of Pennsylvania
This was a homework assignment for a college freshman or sophomore level class in physical geography. The assignment requires the text book "Elemental Geosystems" and internet access. It has questions pertaining to coastal erosion and flood hazards and the responsibilities of various US federal agencies in managing these hazards.

Training on NOAA tools
Keren Bolter, Florida Atlantic University
This activity brings to light existing tools for modeling coastal risk. These tools are mainly from NOAA, The outcomes are enhanced understanding of available resources, teamwork, presentation skills, and critical ...

Richard David Gragg III, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
This knowledge assessment activity is designed to enhance the students research, writing, and critical thinking skills.