Introduction to Emergency Management

Mark Kerrin, Criminal Justice
Edward Waters College


This course presents the theories, principles, and approaches to emergency management. An analysis of past disasters will be presented along with their impacts on policy formation leading up to the current FEMA all-hazards approach.

Course Size:

Course Format:
Lecture and lab

Institution Type:
Public four-year institution, primarily undergraduate

Course Context:

This is an introductory course to Emergency Management. It is open to law enforcement individuals, the public at large, as well as to students in the popular Criminal Justice program. It requires that these individuals pass their FEMA certifications both 100 and 700.

Course Content:

Students develop skills and are offered experiences in hydrology, water chemistry, and weather phenomenon. In addition, the public's response to first and second responders, a formulation of communications, and the setting up of emergency shelters is a major component of the skills learned in this course.

Course Goals:

Students will be able to formulate a disaster plan for a particular region based upon the demographics and topology of the region. The have increased knowledge of how to mitigate natural or manmade threats. Students will have the skills to assist first responders or act as second responders in case of a natural or manmade disaster.

Course Features:

One feature is the requirement to register with FEMA and pass two certifications FEMA 100 and FEMA 700. These certifications allow the students to act as a representative for public or private organizations in a disaster area.

Course Philosophy:

The design of the course is to bridge the gap between the lecture content and the reality of the underserved population. Students will identify real risks in the case of an emergency and develop the needed skills to respond appropriately.


Students are required to write essays, answer test questions, and to plan and demonstrate the appropriate responses required in a mock emergency event on campus.


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Emergency Management 5th Edition
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