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Participant Checklist

By Wednesday, June 6:

  • Make your travel plans. For information on travel, lodging, ground transportation and meals see the logistics page. Make your plans so that you can attend the entire workshop.
  • Register and submit your travel information for the workshop. Note that this is a firm commitment to attend to this workshop.
  • Pay any needed fees for single occupancy room upgrade.

By Wednesday, June 20:

  • Submit a description of a either a course or an activity that addresses topics within sustainability. These profiles of courses and activities will be featured in a new web-based collection devoted to the interdisciplinary teaching of sustainability. Submissions are done via an online form which contains text fields for narrative descriptions, plus avenues for uploading files.
  • Submit a one page essay about your approach to teaching sustainability in an interdisciplinary context and ideas for exploring opportunities for enhancing the integration of geoscience and sustainability. The essay should describe strategies you have used to foster interdisciplinary teaching, important factors in the design of courses or activities, pedagogic approaches you have found to be effective, or successes and challenges you have encountered. Essays will become part of the InTeGrate website and we will use these essays to prepare for discussions at the workshop.

By Friday, July 12:

  • Select your preferences for breakout sessions. There will be one session about sustainability topics and another session about pedagogic approaches for teaching sustainability.

Prior to the workshop:

  • Read all of essays by your fellow workshop participants. We will send you a PDF of them prior to the workshop. Compiled Essays (Acrobat (PDF) 456kB Jul18 12)
  • Bring a laptop if you can. We will use them in several of the workshop sessions.