Initial Publication Date: May 6, 2010


Cows, Colleges, and Curriculum: Sustainability Issues in the Classroom
This 2006 workshop focused on faculty from Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges interested in learning about sustainability and creating a sustainability-related section in one or more of their courses. It was be a two-day faculty development seminar designed to connect faculty from both sides of the river with resources for thinking about sustainability or environmental issues in whole classes, specific units, new readings and/or assignments. There are many relevant resources available on this website.
Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
AASHE has a list of curriculum resources available via their website. Materials include course syllabi, student research papers, academic program descriptions and several other kinds of resources.
Disciplinary Association Network for Sustainability (DANS)
DANS maintains an extensive list of Resources of Interest spanning many discipline.

Pedagogical Resources

Knowledge Surveys - Karl Wirth

Pedagogy in Action - Teaching Methods, Activities, and Research on Learning

Book and Article Recommendations

Biomimicry - Benyus
Blessed Unrest - Hawkin
The Concept of Nature - David Blackbourne
The Disciplines of Sustainability (Microsoft Word 63kB Jun9 10) - Jim Farrell
Going Away to Think - Scott Slovic
The Pleasures of Eating - Wendell Berry
Renewable Energy - Without the Hot Air,
Sustainability by Design - Ehrenfeldt

Disciplinary Resource Pages

Resources on Sustainability in Geoscience
This page compiles materials that address sustainability from the geoscience disciplinary perspective. The resources come from colleges and universities, government agencies, and professional organizations. Materials include reports, case studies, print resources and other general web resources.