ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project

Creating and Disseminating Sustained Advances in Liberal Arts Collaboration

Supported by grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project has provided opportunities for faculty at ACM colleges since 2004. This website is being developed to disseminate the outcomes and products of workshops and conferences, research collaborations, development of internet-based outreach tools, and evaluation activities supported under this project. As a work in progress, there are areas of the site that are not quite complete. A significant portion of this work will be completed at the concluding conference, FaCE Value: Advances through Collaboration, being held in October 2011.
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Blue Line FaCE Value: Advances through Collaboration

In this capstone conference, representatives from all 14 ACM colleges will come together to take stock of the most significant and consequential achievements of Phase II of ACM's Mellon-funded FaCE Project. Follow the link to learn more.

Resources by Discipline

In this part of the site, you can find links to projects undertaken by recipients of FaCE grants, broken down by discipline. From Anthropology to Sociology, there is a wide array of disciplinary work that has been conducted by grant recipients.

Activities and Courses

You can browse through teaching activities and course descriptions generated by participants in the various projects that have been supported by FaCE.

Instrumentation Sharing Collection

Does your institution have scientific instruments that available to other ACM faculty to use? Looking to use a specific instrument that you don't have at your college? Check out the ACM Instrumentation Sharing Collection to see what's available at ACM schools in your area.

All Projects

View an alphabetical listing of all the projects supported by the FaCE project.

Topical Resources

Carleton Physics
Undergraduate Research

Authentic research opportunities, whether in our outside of class, can be a very important part of a liberal arts education. Several FaCE projects have focused on undergraduate research from a number of different angles including involving student in designing and implementing research projects, exploring best practices for mentoring student researchers, and protecting human subjects in student research projects.

Study Abroad
International Studies and Study Abroad

Understanding our place in the world is one of the important pillars of education at Liberal Arts colleges. Opportunities to study abroad and learn about how nationals interact are fundamental to students developing this understanding. FaCE projects have done extensive work on developing and improving the quality of and access to these opportunities at ACM schools.

Multiple Choice Test

Several FaCE projects have concentrated on ways of determining the degree to which students have learned what we want them to. They have explored ways of structuring classes such that faculty can assess students' learning more accurately as well as gathering as best practices and faculty experience with assessment efforts.

Teaching Statement Review Session
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Many educators are searching for things that actually work to spur student learning and are becoming more familiar with the state of scholarship on teaching and learning. A number of FaCE projects tackled issues that were directly related to expanding on pressing educational research questions with benefits for their students.

Skinner Memorial Chapel
Learning Across the Campus

As students and faculty at ACM colleges are aware, the liberal arts college experience is about much more than simply life inside the classroom. Just as crucially, learning takes place in the residence halls; in campus organizations and extracurricular activities; and in internships, study abroad, or research with faculty.