ACM-Teagle Collegium on Student Learning

The ACM-Teagle Collegium on Student Learning focused on issues of cognition and learning that have particular relevance to liberal arts teaching—critical thinking and analysis, strategies for learning how to learn, and development of awareness about motivation to learn. Recent work on metacognition in learning was the focal point for the ACM project and proved to be a topic of great interest and applicability.

The Teagle Foundation provided generous support for the Collegium project through a $150,000 grant.

The Collegium project had four phases:

  • A two-day conference in fall 2008, with participants from across the ACM, opened the discussion.
  • Following the conference, the Collegium Research Group was formed.
  • At workshops in spring and summer 2009, the members of the Collegium Group designed plans for curricular interventions, which were carried out during the 2009-10 academic year.
  • A final conference in fall 2010 featured reports about the classroom interventions and brought this project full circle.

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