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Through Tribal Eyes: Change on the Menominee Nation

In this video, members of the Menominee nation discuss their experiences with climate change.

Sustainability in Life Science Teaching

A statement by the National Association of Biology Teachers on the importance of teaching sustainability and some guidelines on how to do so.

Natural Resources and Regions

This short activity uses GIS to task students with observing, comparing, and contrasting the natural resources throughout the five regions of the U.S. This site includes all materials needed for an ...

Mining the world’s most used minerals

This short activity uses GIS to demonstrate what mineral resources are commonly used in daily life and to learn the origins of these resources to better predict where they might be found. This site ...

Earth Science Modules from the Concord Consortium

These free online curriculum lessons were developed for five days of classroom instruction and include one or more Earth systems models plus assessment items. Topics include plate tectonics, ...

Geoethics, Ethical Challenges and Case Studies in Earth Sciences
This 450-page book explores ethics in geoscience. It focuses on professional ethics and includes a discussion on improving communication between scientists and the public. The book was written by a ...

California Burning: A multimedia project

This multimedia resource provides an overview of wildfire risk and response to the risk in California. Text, video, images, and data are used to discuss how drought and overgrowth of forests play a ...

Climate Change is About... Water

Climate Change Is About...Water tells the story of climate change and impacts on water in Bolivia through a range of voices and multimedia materials. Case studies bring the explanatory analysis of ...

Can Earth's and Society's Systems Meet the Needs of 10 Billion People?: Summary of a Workshop
This 112-page report summarizes outcomes from a 2014 workshop focused on sustainability and meeting the needs of a growing population. It addresses the questions how do we prepare for a future ...

Expanding boundaries of exploration

The appetite for mining beyond the confines of the land does not end with the deep ocean: celestial bodies, too, have stirred commercial interest. The prospect of mining the ocean floors and bodies ...

Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability
This textbook discusses how businesses can respond to public pressure to be more green by changing their human resources management strategies.

“Working” Through Environmental Issues: The Role of the I-O Psychologist

A post-symposium report on why sustainability should be integrated into industrial-organizational psychology.

A Call for I-O Leadership in “Going Green”

An editorial about how to begin integrating sustainability into industrial-organizational psychology.

Eco-I-O Psychology? - Expanding Our Goals to Include Sustainability

An article about the importance of sustainability in industrial and organizational psychology.

Teaching Psychology for Sustainability

An online collection of syllabi, lecture/discussion topics, activities, suggested readings for students and references.

Society's Grand Challenges - Insights from Psychological Science: Global Climate Change

A booklet about psychology can be applied and integrated with the life sciences to affect environmental change.

Psychological Factors Help Explain Slow Reaction to Global Warming

A press release from the American Psychological Association about a task force report that addresses some of the psychological aspects of the public's reaction to global warming.

An Analysis of Environmental Issues in 19th Century England Using the Writings of Charles Dickens

This article is about how to use Dickens' writings to get students thinking about various environmental issues such as water and air quality, diseases and waste management.

Call for Action: Life Altering Environmental Experiences

This is an editorial published in The American Biology Teacher, advocating the importance of getting students outside, where they can have life-changing interactions with the environment.

How do we teach sustainability in a politically unengaged community?

This blog post contains excerpts of a letter written by John Moore for The American Biology Teacher, addressing the importance of teaching sustainability.