Learning Across the Campus

Skinner Memorial Chapel on the Carleton College campus. January 2010 Details

As students and faculty at ACM colleges are aware, the liberal arts college experience is about much more than simply life inside the classroom. Just as crucially, learning takes place in the residence halls; in campus organizations and extracurricular activities; and in internships, study abroad, or research with faculty.

The projects linked below represent a broad range of collaborative, interdisciplinary conversations among campuses. While all FaCE projects prioritize collaboration, the success of these projects was especially tied to the engagement and input of multiple constituencies. These projects address issues beyond individual classes, programs, departments, or disciplines, and as such, they required the cooperative engagement of faculty, administrators, students, and staff.

While the projects here encompass a variety of topics, they share in common the desire to better integrate the curricular and co-curricular aspects of a liberal education, and to expand and innovate the traditional curriculum.

Relevant FaCE Projects