Collaborative SOTL Research Project to Assess and Strengthen Biology Education

This project–arising out of the Fall 2008 FaCE conference on Assessment: Department by Department (sponsored by Lake Forest College)–will gather biology faculty from five colleges to 1) compare and contrast curricula and student outcomes; 2) refine current assessment instruments; 3) implement similar assessment tools at the various colleges; and 4) investigate mechanisms to improve the education of biology students. Goals include a white paper to share with other ACM institutions and the broader biology education community on assessment, feedback, and curricular change. The group will also present project results at national forums and biology education meetings and in journals.

  • Marion Fass, Beloit;
  • Jim Ebersole, Colorado;
  • Peggy Stephens, Ripon;
  • Michael Leonardo, Coe
  • Stuart Allison, Knox