ACM-Teagle Study: Learning and Cost Alliance

Learning from Study Abroad (LSA) Workshops

Sponsored by the ACM and the Center of Inquiry in the Liberal Arts at Wabash College, with funding from the Teagle Foundation

The ACM, as a consortial provider of over a dozen off-campus programs of study, offers a rich laboratory for studying these experiences. All students who enroll in ACM's consortial programs will take the LSA survey online. The finding will provide ACM with a greater understanding of the relationship between the elements of off-campus study and learning outcomes we can ascribe to them, which will provide a sound basis for making future improvements to our programs.

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NOTE: Both workshops are for invited participants only.

Workshop 1: Interpreting the LSA Results for ACM Programs | May 21-22, 2012

The key focus of this workshop will be on analyzing the data collected over the past two years from ACM programs, with emphasis on asking what the data can tell us about our programs and whether we can come to any conclusions about programs elements or student learning in our programs. By bringing in assessment experts associated with the Center of Inquiry, we should gain knowledge about how to use assessment data to improve programs.

Workshop 2: Assessing Off-Campus Study Learning | June 25-26, 2012

In this workshop, we will use the LSA survey results as a starting point to think more broadly about how we assess student learning in off-campus study programs. Experts from the Center of Inquiry will help participants work through a structured process to identify two or three key items pertaining to study-away programs that they could change and subsequently assess. An important outcome of this workshop will be a better understanding of the power or limitations of the LSA instrument for assessing learning in study-away programs.


Please log in to the appropriate participant workspace to download background documents for the May and June workshops. These include the Teagle survey pre- and post-tests, a technical briefing on the project by the GLCA, and the final report from the 2008 Liberal Education and Study Abroad project.

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