Linguistics Programs in Undergraduate Education

In September of 2010, faculty from nine ACM colleges gathered to discuss Linguistics programs and courses on our campuses.

The primary goals were to come away from this workshop with ideas for:

  1. Determining which courses should be required for a strong undergraduate major and minor in Linguistics;
  2. Designing courses that best support that program; and
  3. Meeting staffing needs of interdisciplinary programs.

In addition, the workshop organizers hoped to establish a coalition of faculty teaching Linguistics at ACM schools. By working in collaboration with and establishing good communication among ACM Linguistics faculty, we may identify ways to share resources across campuses, such as guest speaker exchanges among ACM faculty, or pooling resources to bring in outside speakers. Below are resources we have gathered from participants in the workshop.

Workshop Participants

Click on this link for a complete list of participants.

Guest Speaker Database

If you're looking for someone to come to your campus and talk about an area of Linguistics, take a look at these faculty bios and research interests, as well as some suggested topics for talks to students and/or faculty.

Program Descriptions

Here you'll find descriptions of majors, minors, and programs in Linguistics at ACM campuses.

Course Descriptions

Check here for descriptions of courses at all levels, along with syllabi and suggestions for teaching resources.

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