A Sustainable International Student Teaching Experience for ACM Students and Faculty

Project in fall 2008 at Ripon College, in collaboration with Beloit College, Colorado College, and Lawrence University

A Collaborative Event project

This project focuses on identifying, then visiting to secure working relationships with, International Schools (or schools where the medium of instruction is in English) in which students from the four institutions (and eventually from all ACM schools with the intention to participate) may complete their student teaching experiences.

This collaboration among Ripon, Colorado, Beloit, and Lawrence will consist of two events.

  • First, representatives from the four institutions will meet on October 24-25, 2008 at Ripon to identify International Schools that have hosted ACM student teachers in the past, to decide which schools to target, and to develop plans for contacting the schools.
  • Phase two of the project will move to implementation. Participants will establish and formalize relationships with several International Schools. The plan is to establish a working relationship with ten to fifteen International Schools into which the collaborating colleges will then place student teachers in various and diverse environments.