Workshop Overview

Many colleges and universities are using ePortfolios as a way to both highlight student work and demonstrate competency (especially in licensing fields such as teaching or nursing). However, a deterring disadvantage to using ePortfolios as a form of assessment is the lack of consistent purpose and procedures. This collaborative event will enable colleges of the ACM to share how they are using ePortfolios. For colleges and departments currently using ePortfolios, this event will add depth and breadth to the conversations around the use and assessment of ePortfolios. For those colleges and departments considering using ePortfolios, this event will give a firm grounding in establishing solid pedagogical philosophies and methods. Ultimately, this event is the beginning of a consortium-wide conversation around the use and assessment of ePortfolios and other technology-driven educational tools.

Workshop Goals

College teams will walk away from this workshop:

  • understanding the difference between portfolios as reflective tools and portfolios as assessment tools
  • with a defined set of goals for your department's (or program's) portfolio plan
  • with a defined set of plans for assessing your portfolio
  • understanding various electronic tools and methods for developing ePortfolios
  • exposed to the concepts associated with professional portfolios (as used for promotion, tenure and professional development)


Workshop starts at 4:30PM on Friday, November 5, 2010 and will conclude at 3:30PM on Saturday, November 6.

Who should attend?

Teams of two people from each institution (limit one team per institution). You might consider two people within the same department to help facilitate goal setting and assessment plan development. Portfolio experience is not necessary. Additional participants are welcome at their own cost (please contact Lisa Wiebenga Stroschine for further details).


Room, board and a travel allowance are covered through the ACM's FaCE Grant. Double-room hotel accommodations at the Crowne Plaza Five Seasons Hotel in Cedar Rapids, IA will be direct-billed to our conference account (includes parking fees, but not incidentals, like in-room movies or room service). Meals will be provided on campus during the workshop. Up to $120 per institution may be used for car rental or mileage reimbursements with appropriate expense reporting.

Conference Website

The conference website includes a detailed agenda, as well as pre-conference survey and links to materials and references. Directions to Coe are also provided.


The workshop will take place at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Campus is ten city blocks from the hotel accommodations.

For More Information

Please contact one of the workshop coordinators for more information:

  • Lisa Wiebenga Stroschine, Coe College
  • Christy Wolfe, Coe College
  • Kerry Bostwick, Cornell College

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