Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts Curriculum

Schumptoberfest 2011

October 21—23

Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin

Despite recognition of the general importance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, most liberal arts curricula fail to address these topics, or do so only in a cursory way. Even in economics, many undergraduate textbooks fail even to mention innovation or entrepreneurship, let alone develop an approach to understanding these subjects. The omission seems particularly egregious given Joseph A. Schumpeter's conclusion that capitalism is innovation. Economic science is only now beginning the serious work of incorporating innovation and entrepreneurship into economic theory.

This coming October, we hope to shed both light and heat on this topic with a weekend devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship in the liberal arts curriculum. Although the primary focus is economics, which we (as economists) see as a natural base for exploring these areas, we invite ACM colleagues from all disciplines to submit papers or presentations, and to attend the conference.

Our objectives are

  1. to explore the state-of-the-art of research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
  2. to foster exchange of research ideas related to these areas; and
  3. to promote the development of strategies for incorporating the emerging body of knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship into curricula.
Please see the Presentation Proposals tab on the left for submission information. Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis, with preference given to those submitted before April 22nd.

Workshop Conveners

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