Resources on Sustainability in Geoscience

College and University-affiliated:

Appalachian State University - Leveraging opportunities for campus sustainability: a case study of water resources (Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy, 2009, v.5, no.2)

Cornell College - A Blueprint for Sustainability - Executive Summary

University of Alaska-Fairbanks - Resilience and Adaptation Program

Emory University - The Piedmont Project

Macalester College - Sustainability Office

University of Minnesota - National Center for Earth-Surface Dynamics:

  • Deltas: Sustainability Under Stress
  • Streams - Research Overview
  • Managing Sediment in the Minnesota River Basin (case study)

Columbia University:

Arizona State University: Global Institute of Sustainability

Utrecht University - Copernicus Institute

Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science:

Professional and governmental organizations:

American Association for the Advancement of Science:

American Quaternary Association - A Vision for Geomorphology and Quaternary Science

American Association of Geographers -My Community, Our Earth: "Geographic Learning for Sustainable Development"

American Geological Institute -Sustainable Development and the Use of Nonrenewable Resources (Geotimesarticle)

National Science Foundation:

Geological Society of America:

Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors

General Resources on sustainability:

Mineral Resources and Sustainability - 1996 report from the National Research Council Committee on Earth Resources

USDA: Sustainable Development

Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy - An open access e-journal for sustainable solutions

Water Innovation Centre from the International Institute for Sustainable Development

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education:

Print Resources:

"Earth System Analysis for Sustainability" - MIT Press, 2006. More info available here.

"Sustainability of Energy and Water through the 21st Century " - Kansas Geological Survey and AAPG, 2002. Available here