Disciplinary Group Diagrams

For this task, the participants were split into disciplinary-esque groups to think about how the big ideas in sustainability overlap with the big ideas in their disciplines. The following Venn diagrams were the product of the session. After posting, the participants conducted a Gallery Walk to look at and comment on the different diagrams.

Biology (Wittler, Tibbets, Grossman)

  • How do you connect natural communities to "the good life"? Are all natural communities "the good life"?
  • I like this diagram.

Chemistry (Sturgeon, Spencer, St. Clair)

  • What's not in the middle?

Economics and Business (Hayes, Holland, Zhosan, Swoboda)

  • limitations of physical laws?
  • I like the fluidity of the categories.

Art / Communication / Psychology (Martinson, Martin, Lee, Simmonds)

  • Where is the physical world?
  • Interesting that this one is the most attractive.

History / English / Political Science (Farrell, Caton, Zaffiro, Mosher, Hutula)

Languages: German / French / Spanish (Kath, Gates-Young, Gates-Madsen, Feat)

  • "Process over time" may connect several of these posters.

Geology / Southwest Studies / Physics (Savina, Whitten, Hansen)

Education / Philosophy / English (Jensen, Watson, Darlington)