Collaborative Initiatives in International Studies and Study Abroad

Study Abroad, India
Students on the ACM India off-campus program Details

Off-campus study programs are an important component of the curriculum at liberal arts colleges, offering a fresh type of learning experience away from the traditional classroom. During an off-campus program, students are immersed in a new location, a new culture, and often even a new language, all of which bolsters their academic and personal growth.

In the past, off-campus study may have been considered relevant only to certain majors or fields of study. But today, gaining global perspectives, either through off-campus learning or an internationalized curriculum on the home campus, is widely valued in a liberal arts education. Increasingly, students may not need to leave their campus classroom in order to understand how multi-cultural and international perspectives are brought to bear on the subjects they study.

Through a variety of projects, ACM faculty have collaborated on new ways to conduct off-campus study and tackle challenges in creating new programs that seek to impart interdisciplinary, global perspectives to their students.

The links below describe ongoing projects, workshop structures and outcomes, and links to resources, including teaching activities, data, syllabi, and best practices.

In addition to the projects listed below, the member colleges of the ACM jointly operate off-campus study programs around the world that offer interdisciplinary approaches, personal attention, independent projects, and experiences with diverse viewpoints and ways of learning.

Relevant FaCE Projects