Learning Together: A Ripon College Archaeometry Working Group on Teaching and Research

This project provides a range of opportunities for faculty and students to learn about and explore archaeometry—the use of physical sciences in archaeology to answer specific research questions about material culture and human behavior in the past. Project organizers hope to use archaeometry as a cornerstone in a foundation of liberal arts training for anthropology and chemistry students and to build on current faculty and student collaboration. The project will pull diverse activities under one umbrella to encourage systematic collaboration, establish effective mentoring practices in both disciplines, and make a joint statement about the continued teaching of this topic. Activities will include 1) learning in roundtables and conferences; 2) application of learning in the form of data collection and analysis; elaboration of co-authored publications and presentations; departmental guidelines for faculty-student research; 3) teaching in the form of student presentation of research experiences in classrooms at the 100- and 200-levels and the development of new research-advanced focused classes in both departments.

  • Emily Stovel, Anthropology; Ripon
  • Mas Iimura, Chemistry; Ripon
  • William Whitehead; Anthropology; Ripon