Selected Resources for Teaching Geochemistry

Browse the collection of on-line Teaching Geochemistry activities. You can find resources on Elements (major and trace), Phase equlibria/Thermodynamics, Radioisotopes, Stable isotopes, Aqueous solutions, Acid/base reactions, Oxidation/reduction reactions, Organic and biochemistry, Surface chemistry (sorption, catalysis), Reaction kinetics/rates, Environmental geochemistry, and Geochemical analysis.

Jump to your topic of interest using the "anchors" below, or browse the entire collection.
Elements (major and trace) / Phase Equlibria/Thermodynamics / Radioisotopes / Stable Isotopes / Aqueous Solutions / Acid/Base Reactions / Oxidation/Reduction Reactions / Organic and Biochemistry / Surface Chemistry (sorption, catalysis) Reaction Kinetics/Rates / Environmental Geochemistry / Geochemical Analysis

Visit the tutorials on Teaching Phase Equilibria with coverage from the Gibbs Phase Rule through phase diagrams, fundamental thermodynamics, and modern thermodynamic modeling programs.

Our primers on Geochemical Instrumentation and Techniques will provide students with essential background information on modern analytical techniques--X-ray, e-beam, whole-rock, isotopic--to help them understand mineralogical/geochemical data, and the appropriate uses and limitations of these methods.

Elements (Major and Trace Elements)

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Phase Equilibria/Thermodynamics

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