MSU student field trip to Golden Sunlight Mine. Details

What is the Purpose of this Site?

This website contains educational modules for use by teachers, students and researchers. These collections offer numerous ways in which digital library technologies can be used to translate exciting new scientific discoveries into effective instructional practice.

Who is the Site For?


Find information on how to address NSF's Broader Impacts review criteria; Tips on Assessment, Evaluation and Dissemination and Tips on Partnering; Incentives and Related Resources on integrating research and education.


Browse instructional materials that link scientific content to teaching activities. Instructional modules focus on three themes: Earth System Science, Diversity in the Geosciences, and Using Geoscience Instrumentation, Databases, and the New Cyberinfrastructure. These instructional modules include thematic collections of resources on topics of interest, tutorials on how to access geoscience databases, and examples of how digital libraries can be used to aggregate community resources and more.

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