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Mineral map of cuprite, USGS photo.

This collection of digital resources includes web sites that can be useful for teaching and learning geochemistry at the undergraduate level. Please tell us about your favorite web sites and we can add them to this collection.


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How It’s Done… U-Pb Geochronology Slide Shows part of SERC Web Resource Collection

De-mystify the process of isotope geochronology through this illustrated slide set that explains U-Pb geochronology from collecting samples in the field through processing them in the lab and ...

Flame Atomic Absorbance and Emission Spectroscopy and Inductively Coupled Spectrometry - Mass Spectrometry part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This is a standard textbook on FAAS, FAES, ICP-AES, and ICP-MS instrument theory and techniques that includes color figures and computer animations. Use of this eTextbook is completely free.

Cosmochemistry Illustrated part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This website offers short PowerPoint presentations that provide extraterrestrial examples of terrestrial topics. Longer presentations are also available for anyone wishing to go into more ...

Minerals in Earth's Mantle part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This image from the COMPRES galleries shows the various mineral species that make up the composition of the mantle and how that composition varies with depth down to the core-mantle boundary.

Water in the Mantle part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This schematic shows a cross-section of the planet and how water can migrate through the deep interior of the Earth. Blue arrows indicate a movement of water downward, yellow arrows indicated ...

40 Common Minerals and Their Uses part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Of the ninety two elements found in the Earth, forty of them are used in our daily lives. Some of the names are common and well known, and others seem obscure until one sees that it helps create ...

Emergence of an aerobic biosphere during the Archean-Proterozoic transition: Challenges of future research part of SERC Print Resource Collection
The earth system experienced a series of fundamental upheavals throughout the Archean-Paleoproterozoic transition (ca. 2500-2000 Ma). Most important were the establishment of an oxygen-rich ...

Environmental Considerations of Active and Abandoned Mine Lands: Lessons from Summitville, Colorado part of SERC Web Resource Collection

This U.S. Geological Survey publication contains sections on: mining of gold and formation of acid mine drainage, gold in an ancient volcano of Colorado, the role of geophysics in investigations of ...

NCAR Community Data Portal part of SERC Web Resource Collection

The Community Data Portal (CDP) is a collection of earth science datasets and applications from NCAR, UCAR, UOP, and participating organizations in the following research areas: oceanic, atmospheric, ...

The Basics of Ocean Chemistry: Carbon, Circulation, and Critters part of SERC Web Resource Collection

Ocean chemistry, particularly the carbon cycle, is featured in text and illustrations, with quantitative graphics and a lab demonstration. Graphics include the global carbon cycle from 1980-1989, ...

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