Spring 2018 North Carolina Webinar: Sharing Activities Related to Backwards Design, Broadening Participation, and Transfer Pathways in Geoscience

Friday, April 20, 2018
2:00-3:00 pm

As a follow-up to our November 18, 2017, regional workshop, we are hosting a webinar for participants to share their experiences with new techniques since our fall workshop. Have you been working on Backwards Design in one of your classes, broadening participation in geoscience, or investigating transfer pathways in North Carolina? We want to hear about it! We look forward to hearing about what has worked and what might need to be improved on. Even if you were not able to attend the face-to-face workshop last fall, you are encouraged to participate in the webinar by sharing activities you have been working on. One of the goals of this project is to build collaboration among regional faculty interested in 2YC geoscience education, and this webinar gives you a chance to join in without having to travel. We will also briefly discuss ideas for the next fall regional workshop.

The webinar goals are to:

  • Provide a forum for sharing activities developed since the fall workshop
  • Collect ideas for the next regional workshop
  • Continue building a regional network of 2YC geoscience faculty and others who support the SAGE 2YC project goals:
    • support the academic success of all students;
    • promote professional pathways of students into geoscience; and
    • broaden participation in the geosciences.

The webinar is free but registration is required.
Registration Deadline: April 13, 2018


Register for the workshop by answering all of the questions on the Registration Form. Be prepared to discuss one activity you implemented after attending the November 18, 2017, workshop, or a strategy that you have implemented recently if you were not able to attend the fall workshop.

Workshop Conveners

  • Adrianne Leinbach, Wake Tech Community College (aaleinbach@waketech.edu)
  • Gretchen Miller, Wake Tech Community College (glmiller@waketech.edu)
Questions? Please contact one of conveners listed above.

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