Leeward Community College Change Agent Team

Alyssa MacDonald, Biology
Luca Preziati, Chemistry
Donn Viviani, Oceanography

Team Members

Alyssa MacDonald

Alyssa has a PhD in Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering and a Master's Degree in Fisheries Oceanography. She is the Biology Discipline Coordinator and Marine Option Program Coordinator for Leeward Community College. She is passionate about place-based and problem-based learning and has worked with multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations while doing research with her classes.


Alyssa teaches Introduction to Biology I and II, Introduction to Commercial Aquaponics, Introduction to Zoology, Marine Biology, Marine Option Program Seminar, and Marine Option Program Directed Study

Luca Preziati

Luca is the webmaster of the 2 Year Community College Chemistry Consortium. He has co-authored 4 chemistry lab manuals - General, Organic and Biochemisty I and 2, and General Chemistry 1 and 2. He has adapted several chemistry lecture-only courses to online courses.


Luca teaches General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, and General Chemistry labs.

Donn Viviani

Donn has spent over 368 days at sea during 69 different research cruises. He has co-authored two science communication papers (Bruno et al. 2013 and Wood-Charleson et al. 2015) and is getting interested in scyphozoans (true jellyfish). He was a coauthor on the presentation The Power of Place in Hawal'i: Embracing Place-Based Geoscience Education at the 2018 EER.


Donn teaches Science of the Sea and Science of the Sea Lab


Leeward Community College serves just under 10,000 students in Pearl City, Hawai'i on the island of Oahu, about 10 miles north east of Honolulu. Five percent of students are Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, and 31% are of 2 or more races. Sixty percent of students are women. Leeward Community College is part of the University of Hawai'i system.


Associates of Science Natural Science (ASNS) program - Natural Science track
Seven full-time faculty and ten lecturers (adjunct) teach Biology, Environmental Policy/Studies, Environmental Science, and Agriculture courses, although there are other divisions of the Associates of Science Natural Science (ASNS) program. There is overlap in many requirements for students, including math, physics, chemistry, and natural science. More than 150 students are in the ASNS - Natural Science Track at Leeward, most of whom are Biology majors who are required to take the Introductory Biology I and II classes.


One full-time and two part-time faculty teach Oceanography and Environmental Policy/Studies courses. Marine Biology courses are taught in another area. Students taking Oceanography include every major from auto tech and culinary to business and liberal arts, and also include students on the ASNS track. Many students take OCN 201 as their Diversification-Physical Science requirement, while others take it because of their interest in surfing, diving, fishing, underwater photography, and/or marine biology. From Fall 2018 through Spring 2020, there have been 39, 151, 153, and 119 students enrolled in OCN 201, respectively. Similarly the lab class (OCN 201L) had enrollments of about 40 students each semester.

Both ASNS and Oceanography are parts of the Math and Sciences Division at Leeward.

Institutional demographic data is from IPEDS the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, U.S. Department of Education, typically for the 2018-19 year as available.