Clark College Change Agent Team

Rebecca Martin, Earth and Environmental Science
Kathleen Perillo, Earth and Environmental Science
Michelle Stoklosa, Earth and Environmental Science

Team Activities

Team Members

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca has taught at Clark College for 20 years as part of the biology, education, and Earth and environmental science departments. She has worked in partnership with the early childhood program to offer inquiry-based science experiences for students. Rebecca also uses Open Education Resources (OER) in her classes and teaches primarily through a hybrid format.


Rebecca teaches Integrated Environmental Science, Survey of Biology, Marine Biology, and Bioethics.

Kathleen Perillo

Kathleen has been a professor at Clark College for more than 20 years utilizing her extensive ecological background to lead the College's field studies classes. In 2015 she co-created and currently co-directs the Clark College Native Plant Center which introduces 300+ students a year to native plant propagation and native plant restoration projects in the Columbia River Gorge. In 2018, Kathleen purchased 1,000 acres in the Siskiyou Mountains of northern California and designated it as an ecological reserve where students can have direct experience with ecological restoration.


Kathleen teaches Introduction to Environmental Science, Introduction to Ecological Restoration, Field Studies in Environmental Science, Principles of Wildlife Conservation, Pacific Northwest Birds, Field Studies in Biology, and Environmental Biology.

Michelle Stoklosa

Michelle has experience teaching geology and other Earth sciences at both community colleges and universities, and has held both adjunct and full-time positions. She teaches and develops online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes and has developed a fully-online geology course at Clark that is Quality Matters certified. She has participated in POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) workshops and is working to implement more POGIL-like activities in her geology courses at Clark.


Michelle teaches Introduction to Physical Geology I (Earth Materials and Structure), Introduction to Physical Geology II (Surface Processes), and Historical Geology.


Clark College in is located in Vancouver, Washington just north of Portland, Oregon. Nearly a quarter of their 14,000 students are under 18. Seventy-six percent of their students are first generation.


Earth and Environmental Sciences Department: Each year, ~340 students enroll in Clark's geology courses, ~300 students take environmental science courses, and ~160 students enroll in a meteorology course. This means that the department directly serves about 800 students per year. Most students take their courses to complete the science requirements for an AA transfer degree. Clark does not have majors but does have students enrolled in AST-1 (Associates of Science Track 1) degrees in which they can focus on Geology or Environmental Science. The students who take their Earth and environmental science courses seem to represent the general demographic of Clark College.

There are 8 faculty in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department, which is part of the STEM Instructional Unit. Four faculty are full time, 3 of whom are tenure track and one who is temporary. Only one of the tenure-track positions teaches fully within this department; the other two also teach in the Biology Department. The other 4 faculty members are adjunct faculty.

Institutional demographic data is from IPEDS the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, U.S. Department of Education, typically for the 2018-19 year as available.