Initial Publication Date: September 16, 2019

Inspiring Action in Earth Education

Derek Dubossi, LaGuardia High School

I do believe that education that inspires action begins with relevancy and respect. The responsibility of any educator is to connect the learner to the stakeholders. To inspire action requires the educator to inspire empathy. In many instances, the stakeholders and learners are the same, but in any case, a connection to the subject and those impacted by the subject is a necessity to have a meaningful impact on the learner.

In my 18 years of teaching experience, I have found that growth comes from collaboration. Setting a foundation of trust and respect can open the door to allow others to generate ideas and encourage others to flesh out those ideas or carry them in different directions. Any ability to inspire action requires the right climate be present in the learning environment.

Fostering sound and clear communication can lead to the desired outcome of action. Through action, the education is able to take root and grow into change. This is my vision for Earth education for sustainable societies and I look forward to the work ahead.

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